Generate 3D Boxes within Photoshop with the 3DBoxGen Action & Template Set

27 Jun

It’s not easy coming up with ideas for products that we could sell in market places like GraphicRiver, ThemeForest or FlashDen. And it’s not easy coming up with ideas on how to create previews that will make our products get the attention it deserves. In a huge marketplace like Envato, previews SHOULD stand out and should be well presented. One of the common ways you can use to present your products is by creating a 3d box mockup. But most of us (myself included) wants to focus more on the more important things like brainstorming for a new business card template design, or designing fancy icons. Spending time to create 3d boxes is a luxury most of us artist just don’t have. So, I thought about creating a PS action to generate these boxes out from a flat template, that is convenient, fast, re-usable and only takes one click of a button. And so, I came up with 3DBoxGen.

Click here to see item at GraphicRiver

I’ve included 5 templates that are easy to modify, all pre-designed and ready to go for people who wants to quickly come up with their own 3d boxes. It also has a detailed user guide and quick start guide for people who wants to really start designing 3d boxes from scratch.

I would be uploading tutorials on how to create 3d boxes using the 3dBoxGen action & template set soon. And I would also be uploading FREE TEMPLATES for those who purchased 3dBoxGen from GraphicRiver.

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