Create your very own stunning 3d text art!

15 Jul

We see it a lot. It’s quite popular in the graphic design world. It’s perfect blend of complexity and simplicity never goes out of trend. I’m talking about typography artworks. There’s a related blog post at that showcased 10 beautiful examples of typography art. One of those that really catches my attention, and I’m pretty sure catches yours too are those fancy and colorful 3d text art such as the one you see below.

3d text art

What’s so nice about 3d text is that it works well with swirls that are also popular now-a-days. 3d text also looks good even with vintage styles. Now I know that not all of us artists can afford those costly 3d software, even so, not all of us has the time to learn 3d just to come up with those fancy 3d text art. Plus, you’d have to use powerful computers to render 3d in the shortest possible time. And so, I’ve decided to come up with a set of glossy 3d letters and sell it to GraphicRiver. So that you guys can just focus more on the artistic aspect and come up with your own stunning 3d text art in photoshop or illustrator! 3d text art without the hassle!

Click to see details...

I’ve included the hi-res 800×600 images of letters a-z both upper case and lower case letters and number 0-9 in PNG lossless file format. I’ve also included PSDs of each letters, that are all ready to be customized for convenience. It includes over 400 files that you could use to come up with your own 3d text art. Below are samples of the letters included in this package. If you click the image, you would see the actual sizes of the letters.

Letters preview angle 1

Letters preview angle 1

This package doesn’t only include rendered 3d images of letters from 1 camera angle. I rendered the letters from 8 different camera angles!

Letters rendered from 8 diffrent camera angles

Letters rendered from 8 diffrent camera angles

This package includes over 400 PSD and PNG files that you could use to create your own 3d text art. There are vast possibilities so hop right on to your workstations, fire up your favorite image editors and put your creative genius to work! Below is my sample artwork using this 3d text package.

My sample 3d text artwork...

My sample 3d text artwork...


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6 responses to “Create your very own stunning 3d text art!

  1. Kohl

    September 21, 2009 at 3:01 pm

    hey i am interested in this product for my art class

  2. mike

    October 22, 2009 at 12:53 am

    how can I get these I really really want them and need them like ASAP


  3. draftbeer80

    October 22, 2009 at 1:30 am

    Hi Mike! You can purchase this item via If you’re not a member in that website, you can go to It’ll take you to my portfolio, you can see this item and my other items as well on that page. You can also email me Thanks!

  4. threedpinups

    May 26, 2010 at 2:38 pm

    hey great forum! Will be back here often . I like 3d pinup art like this
    3D Fantasy Art


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