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The New Draftbeer Initiative

The new Draftbeer Initiative!

A few months ago, I created a blog account through to post some of my work as well as to advertise the stuff that I sell over at GraphicRiver. Occasionally I would post some articles that may or may not be related to my line of work. I used one of the free themes that are available, and since it was just a free WordPress account, there wasn’t much to customize on the theme that I used. The layout was somewhat cluttered, and the content was disorganized. But mediocre as it seemed, it served well it’s purpose. Well, perhaps more! Since a few weeks after it was launched, I got messages from potential clients. Some of them knew about the site because of GraphicRiver, some of them just came across it through google or I’ve never really given freelancing a thought, but since then, a door of opportunity opened for me. Because of that, I’ve realized the value of having a website. And so, now I felt like it’s about time that I should improve my website a little bit. Hence the website redesign!

What’s New?

New Look

Of course, the first thing you might noticed that changed around here (if you’ve visited my website before) is the new look. I wanted the focus to be shifted over to content and made the design more simple and yet still has a touch of elegance.

More Organized

I might decide to post more content in the coming days and that this website might become something more than just my portfolio website, so I’ve moved things a bit to make it less cluttered and more organized.

I’ve given the Portfolio section a bit of a structure, categorizing stuff so that they’ll be easier to find, and visitors like you would know where to go.

A more comprehensive information can be found in the About section where you could learn more about what I do and what I could do for you (with the skill set outlined in that section), as well as my work philosophy.

I’ve also put up a FAQ section to answer some of the most important questions in a potential client’s mind about hiring me as a designer. Questions relating to pricing, services I offer, timeframe, etc. For everything else, you can go to the Contact section where I have posted some information on how you could reach me.

RSS Feeds & Tweeter

Get notified of what’s new on the Draftbeer Initiative by signing up for RSS email feeds! Also find out about my latest tweets on the tweeter section on the home page.

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