Hi! My name is Cris Denopol. I’m currently working as a web designer cum web developer for Asian Food Channel here in Singapore. My responsibilities include converting website design mockups to working HTML and CSS prototypes and later converting it into a working theme for an in-house CMS. The website has recently gone through a major revamp and I was the one who built the in-house cms from scratch which involves a lot of php scripting, mysql database design and implementation, javascript programming (with JQuery) and I’ve also participated in the design phase where I’ve designed some of the pages in the website myself.

Although my job is focused mainly on web design and development, I also have skills in 3d graphics. I do digital sculpting using zbrush and 3d modeling in maya. I have links to my 3d works in the website section of this profile.

I beleive that art is a recreation of certain pieces that make up reality, and then put together by the artist to reveal a tangible or perceivable representation of the his soul. EXERCISING the ability to create ART is also bringing out the GOD that is in us.



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