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New GR Item: Plastique Banner Ad Templates + Bonus!

The Plastique banner ad templates contains 30 stunning banner ad templates that comes in 6 standard banner ad sizes and 5 vibrant color schemes to choose from! And as a bonus, I’ve added +30 ANIMATED versions of the banner ad templates!!! Yes! You’ve read it right! ANIMATED !

As I always say, banner ads should say it all! Because it’s supposed to make a good first impression to potential clients/customers. It should NOT ONLY look good and professional, but it should also highlight all of the essential information about your website or product. But there’s only so little space you can put all the essential information to. The solution? ANIMATED BANNERS !
The Plastique banner ad template set is not only an eye candy, it’s easy to customize and best of all, it includes pre-animated PSDs, so you can just quickly modify it and export it as an animated GIF in just a few minutes!

Here are some sample animated banners created using this template set! For a complete set of previews for both the static and animated banners, please click here.





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2 Hot new items now on sale at GraphicRiver!

Finally after almost a week of waiting, two of my items got approved and now currently on sale at GR! The first one is the assorted all-purpose banner ad templates. I created a banner ad template set to hopefully add to GR’s plethora of brilliantly designed banner ad templates. But I wanted to create variety that goes beyond color theme variations. So I limited myself to two color themes, yellow and gray but I varied added more size variations as well as variations in layout and style. I also made it a point not to use dummy text on any of the sample banner ads because I wanted potential buyers to not only buy the templates for their designs but for the idea i also put into them. Selling banner ad templates should not only mean selling quality graphics, but also mean selling ideas! If you want to know more about this item, just click the image below.


The other item recently uploaded on GR is the Glossy & Crisp premium web 2.0 download buttons. Now creating this set was really tricky since there are also a plethora of buttons in GR and some of the designs or styles are repetitive. It’s a real challenge coming up with something that will stand out from the crowd while also not deviating from the trend. So I came up with something glossy and vibrant but has really crisp and uncluttered design elements. Again, if you want to know more about this item, just click the image below.

premium dl btns

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Generate 3D Boxes within Photoshop with the 3DBoxGen Action & Template Set

It’s not easy coming up with ideas for products that we could sell in market places like GraphicRiver, ThemeForest or FlashDen. And it’s not easy coming up with ideas on how to create previews that will make our products get the attention it deserves. In a huge marketplace like Envato, previews SHOULD stand out and should be well presented. One of the common ways you can use to present your products is by creating a 3d box mockup. But most of us (myself included) wants to focus more on the more important things like brainstorming for a new business card template design, or designing fancy icons. Spending time to create 3d boxes is a luxury most of us artist just don’t have. So, I thought about creating a PS action to generate these boxes out from a flat template, that is convenient, fast, re-usable and only takes one click of a button. And so, I came up with 3DBoxGen.

Click here to see item at GraphicRiver

I’ve included 5 templates that are easy to modify, all pre-designed and ready to go for people who wants to quickly come up with their own 3d boxes. It also has a detailed user guide and quick start guide for people who wants to really start designing 3d boxes from scratch.

I would be uploading tutorials on how to create 3d boxes using the 3dBoxGen action & template set soon. And I would also be uploading FREE TEMPLATES for those who purchased 3dBoxGen from GraphicRiver.

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612 Web 2.0 Buttons Pack now on sale at GraphicRiver!

612 button collection

612 button collection

I know that there are a lot of genius web developers out there who are good at what they do, but wanted to focus more on the programming side of web development. Although there are also a lot who are keen at coming up with the web design themselves but let’s face it, all of us have deadlines, and what we all have in common is that we always want to stay on top of our game and expect nothing less of our output. When you’re in a situation where there’s simply not enough time to shoot two birds with one stone, here’s a collection of 612 stylish buttons that will give your website & software projects flair and style without the need to worry about the design process! Includes 17 button types all with RE-USUABLE and easy-to-modify layer styles so you could easily build up your theme or match it up with existing ones! All buttons use vector shapes so you could easily resize it, re-shape it any way you want. All fonts used are either already pre-installed in your computer or download it for free (links specified in the help file)! Layers are well organized, each button set saved in its own psd. Includes OVER states and DOWN states, each in their color coded layer folders for easy navigation and modification. All button sets come with pre-rendered transparent PNG files!

To purchase this button set, please click this link. If you still don’t have an envato account, please click here.

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Tru-Gold Elegance Business Card templates now on sale at Graphic River!

Tru-Gold Elegance Business Card Templates

Tru-Gold Elegance Business Card Templates

I recently created a set of business card templates with what I’d like to call “Tru-Gold” Elegance. Text treated with the elegance of tru-gold look! If you’re looking for a business card that says, “HEY I GOT CLASS !” Well, here it is! In this package, PSDs for front and back designs are included. It’s a set of 3 stylish business card templates each having 4 color themes (Red, Blue, Green and Purple). All graphical elements use layer styles which makes it easy for you to customize it to fit your needs. PSDs have well organized layers with descriptive names and color coding.

I used the fonts Optimus princeps (can be downloaded for free at the url specified in the readme file)  and Times new roman (usually already available in your computer) which are serif fonts to give the business card a sort of a classic elegant look.

Why Tru-Gold?  Because it shimmers like true gold and more importantly it looks just like true gold!  It’s got the class and elgance of gold.  If you want it, then get it.  You may purchase it via GraphicRiver by clicking this link.  If you don’t have an Envato account yet click here to create one.

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